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A hospital's human resource department handles hundreds of nursing resumes a week. A good portion of those resumes are for nursing occupations with a hefty percentage of qualifying applicants. A prospective applicant should consider ways to make his or her resume stand out from the rest of the pile. A nursing assistant scans each nursing resume through a computerized database, queries the database based on keywords assigned by the nursing supervisor, and assures that each resume meets the minimal requirements before submitting the winning resumes to the human resource manager for further review. Resumes that do not make it to the human resource manager will receive a rejection notice, or quite possibly hear nothing at all. If the…show more content…
Reverse Chronological Resumes

Reverse chronological resumes present the individual's skills and accomplishments in a great light than any other type of resume. The type of resume targets an overview of the applicants background and outlines specifics achievements and experiences. The interviewer has workplace void that needs to be filled. The applicant's must demonstrate that he or she has the requisite skills to meet the interviewer's needs. A well-prepared applicant will create several resumes targeted for specific (nursing occupations). This will help increase the likelihood of getting hired. Develop a template and adapt the information towards the targeted (nurse jobs).

What's Included in a Resume?

Generally, a resume includes a caption, objective statement, qualifications summary, heading, headlines and bulleted statements outlining the applicant's professional background and all (nursing schools) attended, including successfully completed (LPN program) and bridging (RN programs).

A caption simply includes the applicant's name, address, telephone number, and personal email address. The caption should be centered on the top of the page. Use 13 to 14 point boldface font.

An objective statement clearly states what the applicant wants and what he or she can do to achieve those goals. A good object statement is concise and clearly dictates the projected goals. Be specific to the targeted position. For instance, “RN nursing

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