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Communicate in a business environment

Knowing the purpose of communication is knowing how to communicate with people in different ways, whether it’s starting a conversation with someone or sending a message it is important to know the purpose of communication when contacting another person or company as I need to find out information and normally very specific information.

If you know the audience you are communicating with you have to adapt to an acceptable way of communicating. For example, If a business man or woman with many years of experience will be able to understand more complex business jargon where as a new employee to a business would need things explaining in a jargon-less way, unless you also clearly explain
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All written work I do has to be proofread because most of the time the content is very important. This related to spelling and grammar, it reflects massively on the company and it’s important to keep all written work to a high standard. Proofreading gives me the oppurtunity to make any corrections and/or edit the document so its easier to read and interprit.

When I’m presenting information it’s important that I make the information easy to understand for everyone. I need to make sure I’m not talking too fast and I speak with a clear tone. Before I present any information I make sure plan what to say, get rid of any unnececary details and make sure its presented in some sort of logical order.

When making contributions to a conversations or discussions it’s very important to ask the right questions and not waste anybodys time. For example, asking the speaker to expand there points and for them to explain in greater detail. It’s also very important to to stay on topic and not drift away from whats important. Body language is also important, it’s best to look posotive and interested even if youre not. Be friendly and learn to disagree politely.

Listening is one of the most important parts of communication, if you are given a job and want to perform it well you must be a good listener. Being a good listener can reflect not only on your work but also your personality.

Methods of active listening include:

* Listening calmly
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