Writing and Personal Accounts

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If a work of non-fiction, such as a memoir or an autobiography, has been exaggerated or embellished, it is no longer a work of non-fiction.
- False
An essay is a type of non-fiction writing that typically puts forth an argument about an issue.
- True
Both fiction and non-fiction stories ___________________.
- Contain conflict
Non-fiction writing is always written from an objective, unbiased point of view
- False
Skills Lesson: Expository: Nonfiction
Creative nonfiction refers to a type of
- Open-form essay
_______________________ are a type of non-fiction writing that combines the autobiography and the essay.
- Personal accounts
The type of non-fiction writing that can most closely resemble a creative non-fiction essay is the
- Personal
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- The nurse offers to bring him another egg for breakfast if he rings the bell.
Skills Lesson: Essays
According to the lecture, all essays have at least one thing in common: The author’s statement of a (n)
- Argument

Closed-form essays generally have _______________________ restrictions as open-form essays.
- More
In closed-form essays, the main idea or the central argument is found _________________.
- In the beginning of the essay.
The type of essay in which you are most likely to read the author’s thoughts and feelings about a given topic would be ______________________.
- Personal opinion
Essays are ______________________ novels.
- Generally shorter than novels
The more informal essays are usually categorized as _________________ form.
- Open form
The central argument of open-form essays is usually found in the beginning of the essay.
- False
Essays usually discuss more than one issue.
- False
Only persuasive essays contain ideas, evidence, and organization that support the author’s argument.
- False
The form, function, and content of an essay are similar to that of a speech.
- True

Articles and Essays

In “Exile,” Papa tells his children they are going to the beach because —
- He doesn’t want to alarm the children
According to the news article, Dinh’s
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