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ENGLISH 1301 SYLLABUS PART I: ENGLISH 1301 COURSE INFORMATION Southwest College Spring 2013 Instructor Name: Patricia Green Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 7:00, or by appointment: room 314 Class hours: Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7:00 SW – Learning Hub room 314 E-mail: patricia.green@hccs.edu Learning Web: Patricia Green CRN # 35022 Textbooks WP – the Writer’s Presence 7th ed. Some of the articles may be found online, or in earlier editions of the textbook. Read at least two articles per week. Read the Writer at Work following some of the articles. HE – Harbrace Essentials – recommended writing handbook. Strunk and White and the Purdue University Online Writing Lab can be found online…show more content…
Turn off and put away all cell phones, beepers, text-messaging devices and other electronic devices when class starts. The sounds of cell phones ringing during class are disruptive. Students should not leave the class to make a call or answer one (or worse—answer a call in class). No cell phones permitted on top of desks. 2. No Bluetooth devices in ears allowed during class. 3. No MP3 players or other music devices with earphones allowed during class. 4. No laptops open during class. 5. You can answer your calls and make calls during your break. Use of Cameras and Recording Devices Use of recording devices, including camera phones and tape recorders, is prohibited in classrooms, laboratories, faculty offices, and other locations where instruction, tutoring, or testing occurs. These devices are also not allowed to be used in campus restrooms. Students with disabilities who need to use a recording device as a reasonable accommodation should contact the Office for Students with Disabilities for information regarding reasonable accommodations. COURSE DESCRIPTION, PURPOSE, AND OBJECTIVES MISSION STATEMENT OF THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT The purpose of the English Department is to provide courses that transfer to four-year colleges; introduce students to literature from diverse traditions; prepare students to write clear, communicative, well-organized, and detailed prose; and develop students’ reading, writing, and analytical
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