Writing and Research Self-Assessment

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Writing skills are essential elements in a student’s educational career and quite important when considering teaching as a profession. Good writing skills are important in order to write effectively in a clear and concise manner and these skills take time and practice. After having visited and completing the Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial (PearsonEducation, 1995-2010) made available to students through the Ashford University’s Writing Center, the guidelines and steps necessary to researching and writing a research paper are quite helpful and informative, although rather scary when one is not confident in one’s own writing skills. The tutorial is quite useful in assisting students on how to take the necessary steps to avoiding…show more content…
The most difficult part for me will be the avoidance of plagiarism, although not intentional, it can happen and by keeping in mind and implementing the seven rules discussed in the tutorial, this will enable me to properly site my sources accurately and not include the information from these sources in an incorrect manner that leads to plagiarism. The seven rules to follow are: 1) Attribution, 2) Quotation Marks, 3) Citation, 4) Paraphrasing, 5) Loyalty to Sources, 6) References, and 7) Citation for Images and must be kept in mind and used in order to avoid plagiarism. These rules are not difficult, however, if one lacks the self-confidence as a writer, this creates a challenge, but one that is not impossible to overcome. This information will be present and handy not only during my graduate program with Ashford Universityin, but in the future as I strive to become the effective educator that will also impart this information with his own students and help them grow as writers as well. Keeping in mind that we can all become good writers is important and by using all the resources available to us, be it the writing center, tutorials such as the one by Pearson Education, instructors in each class we take, and our own peers, will make the path towards enhancement much
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