Essay about Writing in Electrical Engineering

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Writing in Electrical Engineering

Have you recently found yourself lost after high school, knowing that you want to go to college, but having no idea what to major in? I sure did! So after reading through the NMSU undergraduate catalogue and asking peoples advice, I found out that our university has one of the top 5 engineering colleges in the entire country and problems were solved! With a fascination of electronics and a steady hold on math, I decided that Electrical Engineering was the choice for me. However, after completing my first semester and gaining a greater knowledge on what Electrical Engineering is all about, I have a greater understanding of how important English and writing really are in this profession. Although
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Following this is English 218 Technical and Scientific Communication. In this class you learn to write in the same fashion that you would as a professional in the engineering field. It is in this class that students learn to express technical terms and complicated information in a manner that can easily be understood. The last required English class is English 265G which is entitled Principles of Human Communication. This final writing requirement enables the student to communicate with other professionals, business clients, or just socially among other people. These English classes will help any student be able to write effectively in his/her field as an electrical engineer. So what is the next logical step? Finding out what writing is all about as an Electrical Engineer. To find out what kind of writing is expected from an Electrical Engineer, I looked through some of the major periodicals in the Branson Library in the section TK which is for engineering oriented texts. In my interview with Dr. Prasad, he recommended some of the more respected and popular periodicals read by most professionals in the field. His two top recommendations, Electronic Engineering and Control Systems were both easily found in the library. Both magazines had the same essential layout as well as did the individual articles within them. Essays written in the
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