Written Analysis and Discussion of BV's Diet

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When looking at her health from a holistic perspective, BV meets and exceeds what is expected of a 73-year-old female. She is of a healthy weight range based on her BMI (18.8), never uses tobacco or alcohol, exercises regularly to prevent sarcopenia that affects many of her demographic, is happily married and living with her husband, and has no concerns about her nutrition and is satisfied with her current weight. BV recorded her food history for a 24-hour period and she was confident that this data is indicative of a normal day andtherefore it can be extrapolated to analyze her diet. She, like many other older adults, lives a happy life based on routine. She nearly always has three meals per day and many foods are eaten on an everyday basis (the handful of almonds and walnuts at breakfast, and pineapple, apple, and carrot juice at lunch). Upon computer analysis, I found ways that she could improve her diet which hopefully could translate to a better quality of life and disease prevention. Her grain intake is 58% of the recommendation according to MyPlate guidelines for her age, sex, height, weight, and activity level. She is consuming 3.5 oz equivalent opposed to the 6 oz equivalent recommendation. Complex Carbohydrates should serve as a main energy source in her diet (45-65% of the overall calories). Although her carbohydrate intake was adequate (210 grams in a 1700 calorie diet pattern, 49.5% of calories), she could still benefit from more whole grains in her
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