Written Defense For Webpage : The Constant Connection

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Written Defense for Webpage: The Constant Connection

My webpage was centralized around the idea of social media integration into businesses/companies. This was a great topic to analyze and develop on because as the modern world keeps developing, we have become more dependent on other media outlets to provide opinions and brand support. My idea was to create a place, where people who have a hard time understanding the linguistics of business and media can break down the strategies in a simpler context. This web page will help diffuse any fears companies have about integration. Like my mission statement says, “The constant connection has set out to help modernize businesses and corporations with the integration of social media. The constant connection promises to bring its readers up to date information on modern marketing strategies to boost profits in their businesses.” Before I did any research, I started to fiddle around with the visual aesthetic of the web page. My web page developer was Wix and they provided me with many free images that were directed towards the theme of business and digital technology. My outlook when making decisions was how do I make my audience feel that this web page will not deceive them? How do I create a professional and comfortable ambiance for my audience? I chose the color blue as my background as it symbolizes the color of the ocean. The ocean is infinite, just like the limitless opportunities social media integration has to offer to any
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