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Written Moments Last week on Thursday, Triven and I were doing our opening activity, which was playing hangman. I said this helps us get our mind ready for the day. I let him play the game while I was getting ready, gradually glancing over to see what words he was getting correct. He chose the subject of the water and as I finished setting up, I asked him what strategies he uses while play. He responded with the first the vowels and his word was a 5 letter word. The screen shown o_ea_, he finally said aloud, ocean. I said, “how did you know that.” I selected this moment because he surprised me with knowing the word, because I couldn’t figure it out and he was. I was very impressed with Triven. After realizing what I did, I provided him with…show more content…
He frustrated for both passages on comprehension and didn’t even try to retell me the passage. How can I get my student motivated and to try hard on passages. I always state the purpose of doing these, but he’s not willing try. I said, “Please tell me the story like I have never heard it before, from beginning, middle and end.” Is there a better way that I should have handled this? This is relevant to my student because he got Instructional for 2nd grade for narrative, so I thought expository would have been fine. This is the second, 2nd grade passage for expository and he did worse on this when than on the last one. I selected this moment because I needed to figure out how Triven can be more positive about reading the passages. “Positive reinforcement through incentives can help to build a positive climate, add interest and excitement to classroom expectations, and contribute to a supportive pattern of interaction.” I hope by incorporating some positive reinforcement when it comes to reading the passage, Triven will want to do better. I plan to use chicktionary as a positive reinforcement because he loves that game. Before giving each passage I will tell Triven what I expect and if he follows through he can play one round of
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