Written Report for “July at the Multiplex”

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Written Report For “JULY AT THE MULTIPLEX” MEMORANDOM TO: Mr. Mull T. Plex and the Consortium FROM: Team 1 DATE: March 6, 2011 RE: Legal, Statistical, and Ethical Analysis of “July at the Multiplex” As per your request, we have arranged a report based on the incident that plaintiff, moviegoer Tommy, has filed a civil complaint about. This incident involved Tommy’s visit to the Royal 16 Theater, your property in the Eastfield Mall, intending to watch a movie, “The Governator.” This analysis examines the possibilities and outcomes of the possibilities in order to determine what the best option is for you. This analysis covers: * Facts of the Case * Legal Analysis * Statistical Analysis * Ethical Analysis…show more content…
There is the issue of whether Royal 16 theaters committed fraudulent misrepresentation in not informing the moviegoers of the commercials that are played at the indicated movie start time before the actual movie starts. There is also the issue of whether the number of disgruntled moviegoers is larger or greater than 10%, which would determine whether or not there is great reason for the complaint. Lastly, there is an ethical issue of whether or not it is or is not ethical to play 20 minutes of commercials without informing moviegoers that they will be played. In order to evaluate these issues, our team has done several analysis’ to come to our conclusions. We have done a legal analysis of what fraudulent

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