Written Task Dolls House

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Prescribed question:
Power and privilege: “How and why is a social group represented in a particular way?

Title of text for analysis:
A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, Norway 1879.

Task is related to course section:
Part 3: Literature texts and context

Task focus:
This essay focuses on Ibsen’s way of representing women, it explains why does he represent them in that specific particular way and how the time, era and context he lived in affected this aim.
It states that women are represented as capable and independent individuals because of Ibsen’s concern of society’s acceptance of this new role of women.
It compares women showed in “A Doll’s House” with the actual women of that time.
It uses examples and quotation
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Her final goal was so important to her, protecting her family, she knew she had to do whatever was necessary, even if that meant not being true to her husband or society. In the end, she realizes that it was more important to her husband his reputation, than what it had meant to Nora, all she had done for the love of her family, concluding to the raw truth that her husband didn´t really love her: he loved what she represented before society, a loving, faithful wife that compelled to all his expectations. She knew that to love her children, she needed first to understand and love herself, a thought way beyond and ahead of time, for a woman in the late 1800´s.

Another woman, having a different role in society, such as Nora´s friend, Christine Linde, a childless widow, that proves to be an individual capable of surviving on her own, in a society who thought that a respectable women should be married and dependent of her husband. She once had been a “doll” like Nora. She also shows that she is a resourceful woman. When Nora tells Christine what is happening with Krogstad, Christine tells Nora not to worry that she will help her dissuade Krogstad (and she does), because she was once in love with him, but didn’t marry him since she needed money to help her sick
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