Wrong Time Wrong Place in Media Addiction

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Wrong place, Wrong time The man stood there with a gun in his hand aiming directly at me. My heart began pounding with fear on the apprehension of what was about to happen. His eyes were that of a killer, full of hatred and revenge. Feeling helpless as a fish out of water, I stood there hoping it was a dream. Adrenaline began to rush through my veins as I stood there for what seemed to be years. A Few minutes prior on the junction of Alondra and Cornuta in the city of Bellflower, located 5 miles east of Compton, I was purchasing a few items with my girlfriend Natasha at a liquor store. "Total is $8.94," said, the store cashier. I handed him the money, received my change and left the store. It was my first time in this area since moving away two years ago. I was angry the day I found out we were moving away from here to Orange County. Angry that I would be leaving my friends whom I discovered weren’t really my friends at all. It’s true when they say that you learn who your true friends during periods of tough transitions. I had come to visit Natasha, who lives 15 minutes from here. Most of the children who usually play outside had gone back inside the house. After all nothing good happens after dark in this neighborhood. The smell of Mexican food from the small restaurant adjacent to the liquor store filled the air. We began to cross the street where I parked my car. Traffic was moderate with few pedestrians walking on the main street. The sun was just
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