Wrongful Preconceived Notions About Somebody’S Ability

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Wrongful preconceived notions about somebody’s ability to succeed based on their race, class, and gender have no place in the classroom, yet profiling of all types continues to make subtly make its presence known in urban schools. Profiling is an elusive subject to tackle in school; nobody wants to admit that it exists. Education has no room for prejudice, but people do. Ideally, these predispositions would not affect our lives, but the perception others have indisputably influences how self-image develops. As Bath Hatt eloquently says, “Every student that is a apart of the institution of schooling develops an academic identity that helps to shape who we are think we are, who others think we are, and who we think we should become” (146).…show more content…
Much like race, socioeconomic status is vulnerable to encouraging better treatment to a very specific type of student: kids in the upper middle class. Culture of poverty is the term that has been making its way through the hallways and administrative forces. This idea focuses on how to teach poor kids, as if the students themselves are less qualified or capable of learning (Gorski 30). The existence of this culture was coined by people are not affected by it; despite no refutable evidence that it exists, the culture of poverty is overly-present in urban classrooms. It acts as a way to justify the controllable elements of the unsatisfactory education poor students receive. Moreover, class is not commonly observed as problematic in schools, resulting in the very mocking attitude towards poverty that undermines and generalizes the seriousness of poverty (Adair and Dahlberg 18). The existence of “white trash parties” on college campuses not only promote dangerous stereotypes about poor students, but blatantly encourages the separation of class. The nation is weakened by these antiquated prejudices; this is profiling, and its occurrence in schools is an injustice to all students. Classism is real and its effects can be felt in virtually every aspect of society. Public school is not free of its reigns. Wealthier students are significantly more likely to receive a better foundational education than their poorer classmates; students in urban schools frequently have

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