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In December 2013, 159 members of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) adopted the Bali Agreement. The Agreement contained measures to streamline trade, provide more options for food security and boost trade in developing countries. This essay will critically analyse the WTO Doha Round of Negotiations, its attributes if any and failures to liberation of trade in agricultural products specifically subsidies, services and the protection of intellectual property rights. It will argue that to a large extent the question is true, that the Bali Agreement in December 2013 was only a modest development towards the liberation of world trade in so far that the WTO Doha Round of Negotiations has so far failed to reform WTO law for further liberalization…show more content…
Agricultural reforms are set out in Paragraph 13 and 14 of the Doha declaration members commit to negotiations at ‘substantial improvement in market access’, reduction of with a view to phasing out, all forms of export subsidies’ and ‘substantial reduction in trade-distorting domestic support’. According to Trebilcock et al, the members agreed that special and differential treatment for developing countries shall be an integral part of all elements of the negotiations …….to enable developing countries to effectively take account of their development needs including food securities and rural development. In the Doha Round of Negotiations in July 2008 a draft of modalities was proposed which included commitments to eliminate export subsidies by the end of 2013, with extra time allocated to developing countries. However ministers failed to agree on modalities as a result of disagreements over a Special Safeguard Mechanism for developing countries in Agriculture. The WTO laws for further liberalization of trade in agricultural products, textiles, clothing, anti-dumping duties and safe guard measures was to address negative discrimination against developing countries a hallmark of GATT history, not much has been achieved since the agreement came into force. It can be said that

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