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In December 2013, 159 members of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) adopted the Bali Agreement. The Agreement contained measures to streamline trade, provide more options for food security and boost trade in developing countries. This essay will critically analyse the WTO Doha Round of Negotiations, its attributes if any and failures to liberation of trade in agricultural products specifically subsidies, services and the protection of intellectual property rights. It will argue that to a large extent the question is true, that the Bali Agreement in December 2013 was only a modest development towards the liberation of world trade in so far that the WTO Doha Round of Negotiations has so far failed to reform WTO law for further liberalization of trade in agricultural products.
The Doha Round appeared to rest on bargains between member countries and in simple terms developing countries would get better access to rich country markets for agricultural products, markets for services, industrial and consumer goods. This may have looked good on paper but in actual fact, it did not work.
Academics McMahon and Desta have described Agriculture as an unruly horse of the GATT/WTO system for a long time. The emerging regime regulating agricultural trade, WTO rules constraining the protection developing countries can provide for their agricultural sectors have caused controversy. Developing countries grouped together within G-33 with defensive interest have tried to achieve maximum…

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