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Advanced Information Management and the Application of Technology Western Governors University Adam Culbertson A. New Information Management System Implementation of a computer system to replace paper documentation would require the involvement of an interdisciplinary team. This team would be comprised of several members, each with a specific job. The first member selected would be a Clinical Nurse Informaticist. This team member would be charged with giving valuable input on the software needed for nurses to properly care for and chart on their patients. With the knowledge of nursing practice and informatics, this team member would very valuable in bringing the two together in the most efficient way possible. The next team…show more content…
The project manager would oversee the project, organize the information that is gathered, organize committee meetings, and facilitate the implementation of the system. The Chief Financial Officer would be in charge of developing a budget for the project, a budget for training of staff after implementation, and researching possible grants or outside funding that may be available. In addition to implementing the new system the committee would also need to follow the progress of the project, take feedback from staff, and make necessary adjustments. A 2: Two Systems Being Considered Two computer systems that will be considered are McKesson and Epic. In this scenario the facility is using paper charting for documentation. I have worked at a facility with this type of charting. While we had paper charting, we had a computer system for lab results and radiology reports. This computer system was McKesson. Therefore I will use this example for my project. First the advantages and disadvantages must be considered. The main advantages of McKesson would be a cheaper price to convert over because the facility already uses the software in a small capacity. Staff would already be somewhat familiar with the system and the facility would only need to expand its use. McKesson offers program upgrades that will meet the facilities needs. This would be an easier conversion than a complete software change. Another advantage is that the facility already has a

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