Wuhan Erie Polymers Joint Venture Essay

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Name- ABHISHEK WADHWA Student number-640048899 Wuhan Erie Polymers joint venture INTRODUCTION ERIE speciality chemicals was a company which is based in Cleveland, Ohio, which moved to china due to the key support provided by them in expanding their industrial capacity relating to chemicals. In order to expand its production in China performance polymers had merged with Wuhan plastics factory to form Wuhan Erie Polymers (WEP). Stanley Wong was the manager of the team that negotiated the joint venture and soon became general manager and then chairperson of the Joint venture. Though he was very pleased with his transfer back to Gary, he wasn’t finished yet. He wanted to nominate a successor who would take the company to another…show more content…
This theory makes the managers realize their strengths and weaknesses and they can also get an understanding of how to develop their leadership qualities 2) Behavioral approach- this approach involves structuring the roles of the subordinates by providing them with instructions, and behaving in ways which will increase the performance of the group. Certain types of tasks are given to employees in order to meet the goals of the organization 3) Contingency approach to leadership-this theory refers to the group atmosphere and to the degree of confidence, loyalty, and attraction the followers feel about their leader. If certain favourable situations occur then there has been a positive relationship between the followers and the leader which means that the task was clearly defined and there is a clear leader position power. Certain principles which would be inculcated by MR Boulanger in the organization such as 1) Division of work 2) Authority and responsibility 3) Discipline 4) Unity of command 5) Unity of direction 6) Remuneration 7) order ans2) cross cultural differences and diversity conflicts the success of the joint venture depends upon the compatibility of the partners and this compatibility involves culture as well. Culpan (2002) suggests that each partner in the joint venture brings its own culture and if these cultures are not

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