Wurundjeri Tribe Essay

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My local council and residence, resides from the traditional land owners of the Woiwurrung language known as the Wurundjeri tribe, which belongs to one of the five language groups forming the Kulin Nation. Wurundjeri siting’s that have been linked to include ‘isolated artefacts and low density artefact scatters’ within their boundaries that were waterways, urban lands and rural lands extending from all Yarra Valley regions. Occupying the land for tens of thousands of years, they served as hunters and gatherers, and as weather would permit they moved campsites, through the season change for food and other factors. According to Gary Presland [1] the Wurundjeri occupied the area for up to 40,000 years and would source good food sustainability…show more content…
Children taken from mothers and their place of dwelling stolen from them. Many of their traditions and practices were banned and they were forced to conform to the European lifestyle and were never to return to their former land. In the early 1860’s the Wurundjeri people were close to being wiped out with only 124 remaining descendants and 44 of them were minors. The Wurundjeri tribe today under the, Wurrundjeri Tribe Land Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council, established in 1985 by the direct descendants, aims to raise awareness of their culture and history through the statutory roles under the Commonwealth and Victorian Legislation. Many of the descendants of Elder Bebejan through his daughter Annie, along with elders would attend events that occur in their area, in bringing the past to the present and re-creating a sense of ‘belonging’ and preserving the Wurundjeri tribes history, culture and traditions. ‘Today in the 21st century the Wurundjeri community is still alive and well. Their continuous connection to country is still strong and unbroken’ – An insert from video ‘Welcome to Country by Wurundjeri Elder Colin Hunter Jr at the confluence of the Yarra River and Merri
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