Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte

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Wuthering Heights, a novel by Emily Bronte is one of the most admired and favorable written works in English literature. When the novel was published in the year 1847, it sold very poorly and only received a minimum amount of reviews. Although the novel does not contain any sexual relations or bloodshed, it is considered to be inappropriate due to its portrayal of an unconstrained love and cruelty. Wuthering Heights is formed on the Gothic tradition in the late 18th century, which consists of supernatural encounters, malformed imagery, and the effects of mystery and fear. The novel has been studied and analyzed for many years, yet it remains unexhausted as a result of its memorable powerful characters. Because of the depiction of Catherine and Heathcliff’s corrupted love, their story remains one of the most nostalgic love stories in all of literature. Also, during the Victorian Age there were some drastic changes economically, socially, and politically. So as a Victorian writer, Emily Bronte clearly distincts the difference between the wealth of middle and upper class in Wuthering Heights. The setting of the novel is mainly within the Yorkshire moors of northern England and rural areas at that time were controlled by a strict Hierarchy government. Bronte represents this accurately in the novel by entitling the Linton family as the gentry’s class and the Earnshaw family as gentlemen farmers. In Wuthering Heights, the theme of revenge takes place as a necessity after the loss

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