Wuthering Heights: Child's Emotions vs. Adult Emotions

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Child Emotions vs. Adult Emotions By Andrea Lee All appearances said that Catherine Linton was as grown up as she could be, she was married and quite past the age when one is considered an adult. But, if one would look just a little farther, they could see that in all her rebelliousness she is maintaining a carefully constructed façade, created to look adult while she spends hours of time dreaming about the childhood that she wished would last forever. When we first see Catherine enter Nelly's story she selfishly wanted the gift that her father promised her despite the fact that her father had gone out of his was to help a little boy that was all alone in the world. This is the first view of the selfish little girl emotions that…show more content…
She selfishly wanted Heathcliff to love her like she loved him and still be okay with her love for Edgar at the same time. Even sick and delirious she inherently and selfishly wants and believes she can have the best of both worlds. We all have childish thoughts and feelings sometimes but when that is all one has that is when one can see a child trapped in an adult's body. One with a few childish thoughts is normal but one with an overpoweringly childish way of living is and always should be labeled a child. These people cannot make adult choices nor have adult opinions because their emotions are rooted in childish dreams.

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