Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

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Catherine and Heathcliff grow up together at Wuthering Heights, Catherine family home on the northern English moors. Heathcliff arrives as a gypsy founding. Catherine father Mr. Earnshaw raises him as a son. Catherine is a strong and wild beauty who shares Heathcliff wild nature Alone together on the moors Catherine and Heathcliff feel as if they are soul mates. But to Heathcliff despair outside forces begin to pull them a part.
After falling in love with Catherine .She reject him for Edgar Linton who has money and status. Heathcliff run away with Isabella Edgar sister. Heathcliff becomes wealthy and respected. He takes over Wuthering Heights and Thrush cross Grange Heathcliff love Catherine in the story, although he is
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Ruled by a wish for vengeance, Heathcliff makes the two of them suffer as he has previously suffered under Hindley's cruelty. As part of his revenge, Heathcliff also marries Edgar Linton's sister, Isabella, and cruelly mistreats her. He also unintentionally hastens Catherine's death, which is the point of climax for Heathcliff.

The unraveling of Heathcliff's revenge forms the falling action. He lures the young Cathy, the daughter of Catherine and Edgar, to his house and forces a marriage between her and his son, Linton. Since Linton is a sickly young man, Heathcliff knows he will soon die, putting Heathcliff in a place to control both Thrush cross Grange and Wuthering Heights. After Linton's death, he forces Cathy to stay on at the Heights, a situation that allows affection to spring forth between her and Hareton. She does her best to educate him and eventually falls in love with him. Heathcliff's desire for revenge eventually wears out, and he allows Cathy and Hareton to pursue their relationship. All Heathcliff longs for now is death, which will at last reunite him with.
Authors Style:
Evaluation of technical skills used for enriching the structure and the revival of the goal of the novel.
- To clarify the meaning of the symbols and images in the novel and aesthetic judgment to the extent it relates to strengthening the effectiveness and objectivity in the structure of the novel.
- To support the structure of the novel and the success of the

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