Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

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Is love rational? In the words of Chris de Burgh, “It’s the classical dilemma, between the head and heart.” Love can cause people to do crazy things and act in irrational ways. They think of their love first before considering the consequences. Heartbreak can also cause people to have odd behavior. “Like an addict chasing a high, someone in love might act rather odd or lose inhibitions or their sense of judgement.” (“The Head versus the Heart – Is Love Rational?) In the following novels, the characters are blinded by love and passion and it causes them to ignore rational thoughts and responsibilities and the pursuit of a happy ending leads to their eventual tragic deaths. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is a perfect example of love clouding rational behavior. Catherine Earnshaw feels an immediate connection with the orphan boy, Heathcliff, that her father takes in from Liverpool. They grow up together and fall in love and are as happy as they can be. One day they decided to run across the moors to the Linton residence. They spy through the windows at Edgar and Isabella Linton until they get caught. As they were trying to run away, a dog grabs Catherine by the ankle and injures her. Heathcliff has no other choice but to leave her. After five weeks of recovery, Catherine returns to Wuthering Heights well mannered and ladylike which is an immense contrast to her wild and rude behavior before the accident. During her weeks of recovery, Catherine’s older brother, Hindley,

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