Ww1 Diary

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World War I: Remembering The War to End All Wars Living in this time period is a very hard thing to do. World War I brought a lot of changes, some of them were good, and some were not so good. I was a nurse during World War 1. I helped injured soldiers heal quickly so they can go win our freedom. I served the U.S Army Reserve. My name is Nurse Helen Fairchild. I was born on November 21st, 1884. I decided to volunteer to serve when I was 32. I only served in war for about a year. My first hospital, was in Pennsylvania. I arrived at Le Treport in june 1917. I travelled with a nursing team at the end of July. When I got there, conditions were harsh. (Our) The third battle of Ypres was launched and many casualties were being dealt with by this…show more content…
I liked helping people survive and heal. I also loved writing to my family and parents back home. (Helen)Once I wrote this letter to my mom that stated, “Dear Mother, Someday I will write you all that has happened from the time we left New York last Saturday. We sailed at noon and by 6 o'clock pm I felt as if the floors were coming up to meet me, and the whole universe was whirling. You can see I didn't waste much time getting seasick, and I like to die all day Sunday and Monday. Then on Tuesday morn we had to have paratyphoid vaccine. Everybody had to take it and everybody had quite a reaction. We were on the boat just eight days.” (helen) I remember writing this letter because it was my favorite letter. I was supposed to tell my family my stories when I got back home. But I never made it back home. I have had a history of stomach pains. I suffered from stomach ulcers, from mustard gas. Mustard gas is a very powerful chemical. During the war, I had to help a lot of patience who have suffered from mustard gas. The mustard gas did not help my stomach get any better. Over time, it got worse and worse. My stomach felt like I had ate over a thousand knives. I went in to have surgery, and it got a little complicated and died while in
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