Ww1 Friendship Quotes

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It’s a closeness you never had before. It’s closer than your mother and father, closest [sic] than your brother or your sister, or whoever you’re closest with in your family. It was . . . y’know, you’d take a shit, and he’d be right there covering you. And if I take a shit, he’d be covering me. . . . We needed each other to surivive.

This quote by a Veteran shows the kind of relationship there was between soldiers in the war. The often still very young soldiers were thrown into the war and then separated thousands of miles away from their friends and family at home. Along with the hostile territory they found themselves in, their comrades were the only ones to remind them of the safety at home. With them being together they developed even more
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Often they would even see them dying next to them, killed by a hidden sniper or a “booby trap”, which meant that from one moment to another he was suddenly gone without them being able to do something about it. Losing them also meant they had to deal with the grief. This would then often turn into rage, especially towards the enemy, but also to the civilians, as they often were the only targets that were available to them. How the grief of losing a close friend is turned into rage can also be seen in the scene in Full Metal Jacket, where after several of the members of their squad get killed by a sniper the remaining soldiers start, full of rage, blindly shooting, trying to kill the person that has just killed their friend. This also shows their bond, because even though after the first person is shot some of the remaining soldiers, presumably their close friends, try, even at the high risk of getting shot, against the orders of their squad leader to get to him in order to save them. In the end when they finally have taken down the sniper they decide to get their revenge by letting him suffer,
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