Ww1 Narrative Letter

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It is about 6 o’ clock in the morning, and we are in the rest trenches due to continuous firing from a rifle gun and a machine gun. It’s been going on for approximately four hours. There is a short silence and another splutter of about 20 rounds. I turn to my side while sitting in the trench and in doing so, I dislodge some dirt from the side of the trench which of course falls into my ear and mouth. I am going to take a nap, but, I will be fully dressed because the situation I am in demands for it. I wake up to gun fire. Then I go to examine my rifle and see if my ammunition is okay. I think about being in charge of my platoon. I look up my orderly roster and find out who are the orderlies for the day. I should have done this last night,…show more content…
The assassination on 28 June 1914 of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary,” by a Yugoslav nationalist was the proximate trigger of the war. It resulted in a Habsburg ultimatum against the Kingdom of Serbia”. Several alliances formed over the previous decades were invoked, so within weeks the major powers were at war. The conflict is going to spread around the world soon. I’ve done a little light reading Caroline. I really miss you Caroline. I wish I was there for your sister’s wedding. Also, I miss our lovely daughter Virginia. How is everything going on at home now that you don’t have your manly man around anymore? I wrote a poem for you. Ready or not here it comes. It's amazing how I feel when I'm around you, How my heart pounds when you come into a room.” I look at you and think: My God! How lovely! And everything I am bursts into bloom. I feel as though you must, you must be mine, Not as a possession but a goal, you’re a unimaginable beauty. The free devotion of another soul. As though I were about to enter heaven Or just within the hour condemned to die, My mind with one fierce thought keeps running over, With you, and only you, the reason why”. [ a whole bunch of different
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