Ww1 Propaganda Poster Analysis

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The idea that I used for my poster was trying to encourage men, woman and children to help at home and in the war. I thought having a variety of ages could add importance to the poster. The techniques I’ve used for my poster was mass appeal, and bandwagon. I used mass appeal by including large images of soldiers, women, and children. I chose to use this technique so it would help many audiences become interested in it. I’ve used bandwagon by including “Join the road to victory” this is a very strong statement that almost acts like a command to the reader, thus making them feel guilty that soldiers are risking their lives to go save the country while they don’t participate. This strengthens the effect of my choice of including all ages and no specific audience.…show more content…
Propaganda’s acted like flyers that we get today about all stores and their sales which attracts our attention. In addition, this also built team work between communities that participated in the war. Propaganda posters created common interests and by advertising all the events, there became a large support in the
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