Ww1 vs Ww2

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World War I and World War II are two battles that will haunt Germany and many other countries for years to come. When thinking about World War I, the Great War, my main thought is that it is the cause and reason for World War II occurring. Many believe that Germany was at fault for really just being in the wrong place at the wrong time during WWI. They did not want to clean up their mess of WWI and broke the Peace Treaty of Versailles which was the World’s only hope to ending all wars and creating peace. WWII came around and no one expected what was to come from the evil Germany. Who knew that various lives would be taken and many would not go home to see their families ever again. Everyone in Europe and Africa
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This made the Germans try a new offensive on July 15th against the British, American, and French forces. The Germans lost this fight too. The American involvement in the war was pushing Germany back and continued to do so until the Peace Treaty of Versailles was signed in Paris by the Allied Forces and Germany on June 28th, 1919.

The Treaty meant the following:

• Alsace and Lorraine were returned to France. • German colonies were assigned to victorious nations as “mandates” under the League of Nations. • The Saar Basin was assigned to France for 15 years, and then a plebiscite was to be held to determine the area 's allegiance. • Poland was reestablished as an independent nation and granted access to the sea through a strip of land that came to be known as the Polish Corridor. • The amount of German reparations was to be determined by a Reparations Commission. • Germany was forced to accept responsibility for all losses and damages in the conflict in what was termed the "war guilt clause" (Article 231). • Germany was required to disarm, specifically: o The drafting of military personnel as prohibited. o The Rhineland was demilitarized. o The German army was limited in size to 100,000 men. o The German navy and air force were severely reduced. o The German general staff was
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