Ww2 On American Culture Essay

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WWII: was it destiny, devastation, or a devious mind? WWII had a big effect on the United States population. If we would not have had WWII, our un-employment rate would be higher. Without WWII, the culture in the United States would be less diverse than it is today. In conclusion the world as we know today would not be the same if WWII had not occurred; it played a major role in the changing of population, economy, and culture in the United States.
The population of the United States would have been significantly altered if it had not been for WWII. The Jewish people came over to the United States to evade Hitler, this would have had an increased the United States population, because approximately 137,450 Jewish people came over to America. However the cost of American lives decreased the population of Americans by 297,557 lives. We would have fewer senior citizens because of “Baby Boomers” this power offset the population in the United States. In conclusion that’s how WWII had a
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Women stayed home and cared for their families pending the wars start. During the war, women had to get jobs while their spouses were fighting in the war. Soldiers came home hurt, so facilities emerged that helped the militaries, we would not have those facilities if it had not been for the war, and if the war had not happened there would have been an increase in the novice generation.
The world would not even be close to the same if it had not been for the war, our population was altered in many ways; the war created a lot of diversity in the United States the war severely affected our economy, however it affected it in a good way it brought us out of depression. Our culture would be different and people would not look at the world in the same way they do now, in conclusion, our world equally our generation would be much different if it had not been for World War
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