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Executive Overview Despite the occasional decline in popularity, the WWE has established itself as a staple in the entertainment industry. Their brand and associated characters have become household names since being introduced as the WWF in 1982. The years since creation have not always been easy, having seen its share of new competitors in the wrestling industry, various legal disputes, and failed ventures into other territories. The brand found itself coming out of a five year slump that was a result of a lack of a superstar that could carry its reputation. Currently, the WWE is trying to recapture the energy that built them. Efforts to do so have come in the form of more live events, producing movies, subscription services to access…show more content…
Even with the majority of these shows selling out, tickets combined with show merchandise are not enough to cover the performance. It is these performances that open the doors to other streams of revenue. One of these streams being the Internet where the WWE has its own website. The WWE produces a show called WWE NXT only for the websites to promote the business and shows clips from its live performances. One of the biggest failures for Vince was his attempt at a football league called the XFL. It only lasted one season and cause Vince to lose about $57 million. Since the loss the WWE has looked elsewhere to find growth potential. One way is by increasing the amount of locations the WWE visits throughout the year. Having shows in more locations has helped increase revenue worldwide from its merchandise, videos, and DVD’s. The firm also launched the WWE 24/7, which is basically an on demand service available to all subscribers. This service allowed the WWE to distribute hours and hours of content from old shows to content of new programming for a slight fee. Most recently the WWE created a television called WWE tough enough that is hosted by Steve Austin, a wrestling Hall of Famer. This is said to have been one of the most talked about shows by television insiders. Even with all this success the WWE might be facing one of its biggest competitors in the UFC. It is

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