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Dixin Ding
Ms. Solder
World Literature Period 4
12 February 2017 WWI Synthesis Essay
“Love is like war...easy to start, difficult to end, and impossible to forget” (Unknown).
With a half century of peace among nations, people were deemed unfit to comprehend the devastating reality behind war. With recent campaigns being brief and victorious, individuals believed this war would be nothing short of the same. Hence, the buzz surrounding the beginning of the war was undeniable, from the young recruits overjoyed, to the participation in parades, and all citizens young or old sharing mutual exhilaration (Zweig). The romanticization of war at the start of the war heavily contrasted the horrific trauma the youth had to endure,
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Hence, with youth blindly following patriotism without giving war a thought, combined with new advancements in the technological field, the damage and agony approaching was inevitable. With the invention of new technology, mankind was forced to approach war in a different perspective, opening the floodgates for the horror to come. Over the years, technology has improved the quality of life for many, but at the same time, has interfered with one’s privacy and safety. With the invention of the automatic machine gun, soldiers were forced to abandon the “gentlemanly” strategy of forming a neat line and firing at the enemy based on the commander’s word (Barron). With soldiers utilizing technological advancements during World War I effectively, men were killed rapidly and efficiently in a dispassionate manner by their enemy. Thus, soldiers were forced to lead with instincts rather than feelings in order to survive on the battlefield. Not to mention, with the shift in tactics for fighting the war due to inventions such as poisonous gas, bombs, and tanks, the severity of war was intensified leading to soldiers acting like “ [beasts to] defend [themselves] against annihilation” (Barron, Remarque 113). Trench warfare meant that “no one was winning” and the effects of the new technology
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