Wwi Impact The Mental Health Of The Lost Generation

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This study will investigate the question, “To what extent did WWI impact the mental health of the Lost Generation?” The Lost Generation is the term used to describe the people who were directly impacted by the war. At that time a lot of amazing and influential artwork and literature was being released, but that release quickly ended. Currently, in history, we can look back onto those works of art and capture a glimpse into what life was like for them just after the war, and it doesn’t look pretty. Mental health is a serious issue considering that it can affect every single aspect of everyday life. The articles I have chosen to examine and analyze are that from two different perspectives after the war: a first-person account of a soldier in…show more content…
You can read about his experiences with post-traumatic stress disorder and how he dealt with this disorder, even at a time when it wasn’t a diagnosable disorder. Some of the limitations of Walker’s journal include human nature itself. When analyzing his journals and artwork, the reader must keep in mind that memories are not perfect and his experiences are not going to be the same as the person in the next bunk, let alone the opposing forces. Also, he wrote these things down so that he would have a way to release his demons and deal with some of the outcomes of the war. His reflections are that of his innermost persona and while he was a strong soldier, he was also an artist. His work is very artistic in nature and although it is possible to use artistic work in historical analysis, it cannot be the only basis for analysis. Fowlds journal originates from her personal study. You can read her thoughts and feelings throughout the war as she witnessed terrible deaths and what she experienced while trying to save these men with her futile efforts. This is a valuable source because we can gather the perspectives of the people on the other side of the war, the ones who must deal with the repercussions of battle. She witnessed first-hand what many different people went through and aided in their rehabilitation and assimilation back into
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