Wwi & Wwii (Abridge)

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WWI and WWII: The Impact Written by: Aryaxxthexxelf :) ABSTRACT The assassination of a duke ignited WWI. Serbia and Austria-Hungary’s slight conflict drew a long chain of country alliances and treaties. Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire battled against Great Britain, Russia, America, and France to determine not only the rightest but also the strongest. Germany left the long fight with nothing to spare but a ruined country and a broken economy, in other words Germany and its allies lost the war, while the other countries against them won the war, but lost the people. WWII took the same shape, only was ignited by the rising of Fascism, a deadly new regime, led by Hitler, who later killed himself of…show more content…
And here’s a funny thing, see, The UK had previously signed an alliance with France, and when a country signs an alliance treaty with another country, a bond is created, one that states: “ If I was attacked, you help, If you were attacked, I help” and that is how it went, really. The number of countries who got involved was actually shocking. Over 100 countries were involved!! Here’s a couple: Germany, Italy, Australia, France, Belgium, England, Soviet Union, etc How did WWII start? Let’s take into consideration that Angela bought a used car without making sure it’s running well. Now, if she has trouble with it later, she’ll return it, and make sure that the next time the car she’s going to buy is totally spick and span. See, people learn from mistakes. But Europe didn’t! Unfortunately, even after 8.5 million people lost their lives in WWI, the world didn’t seem to regret anything! In fact, after the miserable 20 years of pain and misery that followed WWI, the world seemed pretty enthusiastic about waging a second war! And by the world, I mean politicians. The cause of WWII was simple: Fascism, a form of government where the people are led by a dictator, or a small group of people. The dictator has a vision of what he wants his country to be like and pushes the population towards his goals. But before I dive into the country which started WWII, let’s talk about how tragic WWI’s ending was, German lost, which means that the "winners" of
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