Wwii And The War Of Iraq Essay

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WWII and the war in Iraq were two vastly different wars, due to the time period, differences in technology, which countries were involved, and their purposes. However, the soldiers who fought in these wars share the fact that they chose to spend their youth bravely fighting for their country. The difference in the documentaries created about these wars is eye opening. The filmmakers and photographers during WWII put their lives at risk to document the battles and bravery of the U.S. soldiers. They were on the frontlines of the war, whereas the other documentary on Tortuga explored what happens on the every day, daily life of the soldiers who are not on the frontlines. This seems much safer for reporters. Viewers got and inside look at what goes on in the soldiers’ minds and what their lives were really like in both films. Due to the time period of WWII, the working conditions veterans described seemed much more brutal. My impressions of what it means to be in the service have not necessarily changed; rather, my appreciation and knowledge of what it means to be a soldier have deepened. It is one thing to understand and it is another to truly sympathize and put oneself in a soldier’s shoes, to feel the adrenaline, fear, loneliness, and courage that are his daily regime. Documentaries have a special effect that other films simply cannot achieve, and that is the reality of the story. Nothing has been dramatized and hearing these people’s stories, hearing it come from them with
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