Wwii Had A Major Impact On America

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WWII had a major impact on America both positive and negative. The war affected many aspects of American life and had lasting impacts even after the war ended. The war required a huge production effort to provide the materials the soldiers needed to fight. The United States produced weapons for the war and became “an arsenal of democracy.” The United States experienced a change in economic and social patterns and this provided a template for years after the war. On the positive side, WWII brought about many changes to world. It brought us into the modern age, revolutionized warfare, established America and Russia as the supreme powers of the world, laid the political geography for the next century, was the origin of the Cold War, introduced nuclear weapons to the world, revolutionized large-scale warfare, showed what an evil regime is capable of (Holocaust, Japanese POW camps), introduced or started new, and it brought war to a completely new destructive scale. In terms of the economy, the war helped to end the Great Depression. Military spending that began in 1940 to bolster the defense effort gave the nation’s economy the boost it needed, and millions of unemployed Americans returned to work to make the weapons of war needed to protect the United States. Mobilization required enormous organizational adjustments. The nation worked closely with businessmen, specifically business leaders who had incurred the wrath of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the

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