Wynn Resorts Case Study

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Wynn Resorts, Ltd. is one of the leading names in casinos and resorts. It is distinguished from its competitors because only Wynn Resorts offers high class service and it offers the most luxurious experience to its customers. The man behind the success of Wynn Resorts, Ltd. is Mr. Stephen Wynn, the CEO.

Wynn Resorts, Ltd. owns and operates Wynn Las Vegas and Wynn Macau. Wynn is currently considering plans of expansions in Coati and even here in the Philippines.

Wynn is relatively smaller in structure than its competitors but its world class service and uncomparable ambiance are what it sets apart from its competitors. Wynn also offers lavish spas, fine dinning, private entry villas, suites and high end retail shops.
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|high class amenities and customer service. |Because of its already high prices Wynn Resorts cannot drastically |
|Also, the one of the greatest operational strength of Wynn Resorts is|increase the prices of its room rates thus causing a slower increase |
|the founder himself, Stephen Wynn. Mr. Wynn has several years of |rate per year than other hotels.In 2006, Wynn's average room rate |
|experience in the business in Las Vegas. He has several contacts, |increased from 4.4% while the competitors' rates increased from 5.0% |
|alliances and knowledge in the business more than anyone else. This |to 9.5%. |
|is a strength because he can use his contacts to attract additional |Also, while Wynn is focusing its service solely to its high-end |
|investments for his projects. Stephen Wynn is known to be a hands-on |customers, thus losing its chance to cater the people who belong in |
|CEO. He sees to it that the operations in the casino is going |the middle class up to the upper middle class in the society. This |
|smoothly. |segment is composed of a large number of people in the society and
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