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County Hospital Simulation Project

The paper offers a simulation model describing the X-ray departments operations in the county hospital. It can be used for testing various process scenarios, for allocation of resources and also conduct activity based cost analysis. The simulation model is used for demonstrating a new operational method that makes the operations at the X-ray department more effective. The operational method is referred to as Triage team method. This method has been it is been studied from two view points. The results showed that the method enhances the X-ray department if properly implemented and it incorporates all the required tasks.

County hospital simulation project
The department of
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First, a structural development was undertaken. The real design was used as the background. This was because the entire operation of the x-ray department and the future alterations were easier to show the staff. The areas of treatment as well as other operational areas, were defined in the layout by use of graphical SimQuick graphical elements. Other graphical elements included counters for waiting areas and utilization meters for areas of treatment. The counters were used for giving visual information regarding the number of patients in the areas of waiting. On the other side, the utilization meters were showing how much of the resources were been utilized.

After defining all the areas, it was time for defining the entities’ paths and resources that are the staff. The network of the path comprises of all the probable paths that all the entities, patients, and members of staff could utilize in moving from place to place in the x-ray department. After creating the paths, the structural definitions were made.
The needed information for the simulation model to be functional comprised of these particulars: entities information, resources information, logic definitions and data use.

Definition of entities
The x-ray department of the County Hospital has various departments, which include: ultrasound, computed tomography, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance imaging. The five groups have partially their own processes

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