Essay on X-Ray Screeners Could See X-Rated X-Rays

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In this article "Airport Screeners Could See X-rated X-ray's" Joe Sharkey tells us a little bit about a new airline security program. Sharkey advertizes that airlines are trying to bring in X-ray units that will be able to look beyond clothing, to the outline of bare skin. This precaution is becoming effective because technology is getting more advanced. Since metal detectors can’t be as reliable as we once thought, serious measures need to be demanded. However, scientists have discovered the previous precautions of metal detectors are irrelevant due to liquid hazard that they cannot detect. This article even says, “it found that federal airport screeners using metal-detecting magnetometers did a miserable job identifying weapons concealed…show more content…
This article informs us about the pros and cons of X-ray scanners. Yes, they are more advanced then the previous technology before the tragedy of 9-11 and have a high chance of detecting hazardous substances. On the other hand, they invade your privacy down to your nude body. Is it law abiding to let a security guard be able to scan your children? In our society we know of nude to be specifically sexual. Our nude bodies are something we keep to ourselves. It comes as a disgrace to some to see people reveal their body to strangers, or the public. There are professions that some may engage in that are known as exotic dancing, which is the revealing of the body. In Stripped: Inside the lives of an exotic dancer, Bernadette Barton says “even though this act is legal, it breaks the rules of being a respectable lady in this society.” Being the case, would make x-ray scanning for the public against the rules of a respectable society. In this article Joe Sharkey introduced his claim very well and surprisingly neutral minded. From a readers perspective he was able to produce information in a structured and very un bias manner. This article gave a great outlook on what all comes with the production of a new security precaution. This article was very effective to the public. Being the fact that this article had no warrant, makes it easier for the public to evaluate and think critically on which claim they prefer. Also due to the fact this article

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