X1 Task 2

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X1, X2:
To test these two variables, we selected Factorial design. The two variables Packaging (X1) and Price (X2) both had two levels of manipulation, a hi and a lo. The Price, had a lo value of “$9.99” and a hi of “$49.99.” Packaging had a lo of “simple plastic package”, and a hi of “deluxe fine package”, each piece of chocolate has a beautiful independent package. To present these manipulations, we created picture ads for all 4 scenarios and showed one of them randomly: Regarding to the two independent variables, we have three measures including purchase intention, brand awareness and brand loyalty. Purchase intention refers to that a customer would potentially buy a product due to the certain need, or their specific perception towards the product. (Madahi et al., 2012) Brand awareness presents the fundamental degree of the involved brand knowledge, that is to say, the extent to which
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The objects will consist of the groups who get involved in purchasing chocolate. Therefore, we are going to distribute our survey to the students in the college, our friends and families, who potentially serve as our experimental objects with regard to the chocolate involvement. We have four scenarios to display randomly in the survey. In addition, each survey is composed of four parts. First of all, we show a descriptive summary and several involvement questions in the introduction part. Then, one of the four scenarios is going to display the stimulus advertisement followed by the manipulation check questions in the third page. Last, we ask some demographic questions. Each question in the survey is forced to respond with only one choice. Our response will be collected through the distribution of the Qualtrics survey, and the links will be distributed via email or other social media channels like facebook, instagram and so
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