XM Satellite Radio: An Innovation Beyond AM and FM Radio Essay

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XM Satellite Radio: An Innovation Beyond AM and FM Radio How much do you enjoy drinking a nice cold beverage, reclining in your most comfy chair, while listening to your favorite radio station? Music is a very important part of the average person's daily life. We wake up to music set on our alarm clocks, sing to music in the shower, listen to music while driving to work, and enjoy it throughout the rest of our day. Well sit back and get ready to experience Radio to the Power of X. We're talking about the new XM satellite radio. This is a brand new radio system that will sweep across America finding its way replacing your old radio service. The articles below will provide you with a closer look at the new XM satellite radio. We talk…show more content…
Lee Abrams, an FM radio legend for more than 30 years and pictured on the left, is the man who dreamed up XM's 100 channels. He thinks XM can find that perfect song at the perfect moment for enough paying listeners that it can became a sustainable business. He arrived at XM five years ago, saved from what he believed had become the wasteland of FM. At XM, he was told to create a new kind of radio. There would be no howling morning shows, no dumbed-down deejay nonsense and almost no commercials. It would be like starting HBO all over again, except starting with what HBO has become -- the sophisticated "Sopranos," not the polka shows and second-rate movies that marked the channel's early days. The official XM satellite radio website says, "When XM was founded in 1992 as American Mobile Radio Corporation, only a few visionaries understood the potential of satellite radio. Today, radio listeners are joining with XM's strategic partners and staff to make radio better - to make history" (XM Satellite Radio, 2001). In November 2001, GM became the first automaker to offer XM as a factory-installed option on 2002 Cadillac DeVilles and Sevilles (pictured right and far-right, respectively). For the 2003 model year, GM expanded to 25 car, truck and SUV models, and Cadillac was the first division to offer XM across its entire product portfolio. Beyond AM and FM Radio Since its

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