Xacc/280 Week 3 Team Assignment

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As for my internship my job title was a flight following analyst. My goal with the company was to create a dashboard out of the 2014-2015 fiscal year flight data. My typical day would consist of around a 1 hour and 20 minute commute one way. The internship was located at the Tobias Bolanos International Airport. That is where the headquarters, and all the offices were located. However all the flights flew out of the Juan Santamaria International Airport. Entering into my project I had basic Excel knowledge, and absolutely no knowledge of the airline industry. The Excel skills were vital to my project as for creating a dashboard required knowing how to work with the program. Then having no knowledge of the airline industry required that I…show more content…
The first reason was I had done all my research on IATA. I seen that everyone worldwide is using their guidelines. So they are proven to be effective. Then as for the new data keeping system I had worked on creating my own system the previous week that would be easy to use. I then explained my reasoning to switching over to these new concepts. For the new data keeping system I had created a worksheet with all the specific fields necessary for management to get the data they were looking for to better the business in the future by seeing were they are struggling. With the worksheet it provided formulas and restrictions for it to be easily learned, and for it to also be user friendly. While explaining the new system I had it pulled up on a projector as well so they could see the formatting. Everyone agreed that it was a nice system. As for the IATA universal standards I informed them how every major airline company follows their guideline. Then I brought in packets of the AHM730 delay codes. This was a 99 delay codes system that determined the root causes to why you were having delayed flights. So when keeping track of your data you would just insert one of these codes when their happened to be a delayed flight. Finally I informed them of switching over to a 15 minute flight delay time. I informed them that we were currently only giving ourselves a 10 minute window before we considered our flight late. While the rest of
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