Xander: A Fictional Narrative

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Ava removed her helmet and knelt near the small object crammed in the corner. “What is it?” Xander called to her, trudging through the sludge and dead Fallen. “Dead ghost.” Ava picked up the ghost carefully and turned it over in her hands. “Why so tense?” She asked distractedly as Xander took a protective position behind her, shielding her from the room. “I’m not a fan of standing around.” Ava snorted. “Titans are so impatient, yet so slow.” Greer appeared over her shoulder and scanned the ghost. “The ghost hasn’t been here long,” Greer informed them. “Not even an hour. And these burn patterns aren’t from any Fallen weapons.” Xander widened his stance then checked his clip. Ava turned to him. “Xander, how many Fallen did we just kill?” She asked sweetly. “About a dozen, I’d say.” “Did we kill anything else?” “No, Ava, I don’t believe we did.” Grinning Ava stood and replaced her helmet. Greer had transmatted the ghost and disappeared back into Ava’s cloak. “I think things are about to get fun.”…show more content…
“Yes, the people not getting shot at are the real losers.” “You were just complaining about being bored with scouting missions.” She snapped back. “Now it’s not boring enough? Go back to your wall if you want peace and quiet.” “Ouch. That cut deep, little finch. Careful what you say about the wall that protects you.” “Oh please, I’m never inside that wall for longer than five minutes. I can handle things just fine out here. Alone.” “Well then maybe I should just go.” “You do you, meat shield.” Xander laughed uproariously. “Wow. Harsh.” Ava was smiling, but didn’t respond. The Vex continued to march through the narrow opening. Most of them didn’t make it three steps into the hallway before they were taken out, but there was no end. “Guardian?” “Yes, Ikora.” “Return to the tower immediately.” Glancing at Xander Ava shrugged and ordered Greer to transmat them
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