Xbox 3 : Ensuring User Privacy

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PLAYSTATION 3: ENSURING USER PRIVACY The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is one of the most widely used gaming consoles in the world. It opened up to the world, a new era of gaming with the launch of sophisticated features such as Blu-ray HD disc player, Six-axis (motion sensing) controllers, superior graphics and network capabilities. However, the PS3 does have some ethical issues that need to be resolved; these include - PRIVACY CONCERNS: Sony provides a service on the PS3 called the PlayStation Network, which allows users to play games with other users online, as well as, access the PS Store to purchase games and other accessories related to gaming. To access these features, PSN members are required to submit their credit card details and personal information. In April 2011 the PSN crashed and was down for a whole week before Sony could get it running again. Afterwards, Sony announced that the PSN was down as a result of a major hack that exposed the names, birthdays, email addresses, passwords, security questions, and even credit card details, of all PSN users (77 Million). Consequently, Sony hired an outside security firm to look into this matter and also tried to rebuild its system ‘’to provide greater protection for personal data’’. Alongside, PSN posted an apology through their Sony website and said it would email the suspected victims of this hack. In December 2014, during Sony’s 20th anniversary celebration for the PlayStation
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