Xbox One Disadvantages

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Xbox one S: The Xbox one is an affordable product that has its pros and cons. For starters, the Xbox one is lightweight and easy to transport and has only a couple of wires. One of the cons is that you need a gold membership to play online. With this gold membership you can play with friends and have a great time. But the membership can be costly. The games also to can be pricy. The price can range from $50 dollars to $100. Another great thing about Xbox is that with the gold membership you can buy new games for half the price. Say it was $100 in the store; it could be $50 dollars at home.

IPhone 8: there is little know about the iPhone 8, but it is expected to be amazing. Some of the features are glass body, no home button, and wireless charging. For starters a glass body can be great and bad. The feeling of metal makes me feel like I have something cheap. All glass body could be really great or not, because what if you drop it and then it brakes? That’s another 300 dollars to fix. No home button could
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Console's are weird right now aren't they? First we had the rumors, and then the announcement of the PS4 Pro, and in between we had Microsoft's announcement and release of the Xbox One S, a souped up 4K-lite version of the Xbox One.And next year with Project Scorpio, Microsoft is bringing yet another console to the table.The console was announced at Microsoft's E3 briefing this year, and it claims it's going to be the most powerful console ever built.From looking at its specs compared to the PS4 Pro, it looks like Microsoft might be right about that one.The motive for Microsoft's expediency is to attempt to keep up with the demands of gamers for emerging technologies like 4K, VR and HDR content. Another reason is that, should Microsoft wait any longer, high-end PCs that already support these technologies will only get further ahead in the race to reach that next high-fidelity visual
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