Xbox Vs. Xbox Systems

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With so many kind of gaming consoles out there it can be hard for new gamers to decide which one to use. PlayStation, the Nintendo WII, and Xbox are the three big players and usually everyone will like one, but the Xbox systems are the best way to go. The Xbox systems have always been my favorite consoles, since my first one I started to prefer them over the others. All of the other consoles that I have tried I have ended up having multiple problems with and get frustrated trying to fix them because I don’t have the extra spending money to buy new ones. PlayStation consoles are what I used prior to discovering the Xbox. One of the biggest problems I always found with these consoles is how delicate they are. They have always been made with…show more content…
The controllers are motion controlled, therefore it reads with your body motions along with being held in certain directions, all being read by a sensor bar that is placed above your television. Depending on a person’s height and placement of the sensor along with even just where your television is in your room, right down to the lighting, all affecting the sensor to make it just not read right. Causing you to have to move slowly to navigate anything from a game to just the home screen of the console. When you’re intensely focused on a game you do not want to move slowly, you want to be able to move freely, and just be able to react to anything. Another issue I always had with the Nintendo WII is trying to just find a good game. Most of the games are made for children or are family appropriate games. For a person who is really into gaming and is above ten years old, don’t get truly interested in the gameplay of these kind of games. These people like games with good action and stories that keep you focused and thinking. The games that Nintendo put out for the WII are just too simplistic. Then when you actually find the few games that are well known names you know that you like are end up hard to control properly. So than you try to mess with the apps that are provided with the WII and it always has a slow internet connection that causes the apps to glitch and take a long time to load. Trying to watch TV shows or movies on Netflix was always a nightmare with the WII.
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