Xenophanes and His Ideology of God

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Xenophanes & His Ideology of God Xenophanes and his philosophical beliefs related to God or Divinity belong to late 5th century BC. Where the beliefs of Xenophanes were rebellious to the prevailing Greek concepts about Almighty powers, it shows striking resemblance to the existing western philosophy regarding existence of God. According to the Western philosophy, God is one and is an independent entity. Considering the flow of history, Xenophanes can be considered as the compiler of building blocks for present day western philosophy of religion. While disowning the Greek philosophy of religion, he presented the lacking in Greek pantheon. In the later phase of his expression, he manages to sarcastically show demonstration of egotistic limitations of human beliefs about the nature of divine power. Thirdly, where he manages to expose the lacking in prior set of philosophical beliefs related to religion, he has constructed a rationale structure of philosophical beliefs having coherence while defining the nature of one and only God. In the last phase, he manages to describe how his philosophy can be verified in natural settings accompanied by physical reality. Considering the presence of multiple Gods or to be more precise, presence of a family of Gods in Greek philosophy of religion, it is important to observe how the life in Greece was highly influenced by the presence of Gods having different characters. This segregation had its impacts on the Greek social system as

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