Xenophon Is Not A Law Code In The Spartan Constitution

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The Spartan Constitution was written by Xenophon, a man who was not born in Sparta, but was living in Sparta when he composed this document. This document Is not a law code in itself, but was created with the purpose to describe the laws and the social structure that the Spartans had already been following. In essence, Xenophon composed this document to highlight the reforms that Lycurgus had previously established. Xenophon’s accounts of the political and social reforms initiated by Lycurgus depicts a state that was highly advanced and disciplined. The purpose of Xenophon writing a document about reforms that were already being practiced, was to emphasize how advanced Sparta was compared to other major Greek city states. This ultimately shows that there was tremendous disunity between Sparta and other major Greek cities in this time period. In the Spartan Constitution, Xenophon explained how the state of Sparta not only controlled its citizens from birth to death, but also attempted to control the quality of offspring produced. In the document, Xenophon mentioned a law that detailed how often a man and wife could sleep together. He also highlighted the requirement of physical fitness for both males and females to produce the finest offspring. These laws stressed the states acceptance for only a particular type of citizen, one that could have been of use to the states military and therefore contributed to the prosperity of Sparta. Both of these reforms that were

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