Essay Xenotransplants - Animal to Human Organ Transplants

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Xenotransplants - Animal to Human Organ Transplants We should NOT risk the human race for the benefit of the few! When asked how he feels about the advancement of science to places that were once notions to be the job of the creator, Dr. Martin Luther King replies by saying, “Cowardice asks is it safe? Expedience asks is it political? Vanity asks is it popular? But the conscience asks is it right?” This essay is about animal to human organ transplants otherwise known as Xenotransplants. Even though this procedure is meant to save lives, it is giving rise to metaphoric Frankenstein’s monsters and putting some aspects of the Human Race at risk. This essay will discuss diseases that can jump species and cause catastrophic…show more content…
It should be mentioned that xenotransplants are not intended to be permanent. While human transplants are generally intended to be permanent, some kinds of transplanted cells may need to be replaced regularly in order to function well and remain vital. Also, certain kinds of xenotransplants are not really transplants at all, because the animal’s organ or cells stay outside the patient’s body and are used only in the short term, often as a bridge to transplant. The safety of this procedure is always an issue because it has to do with risks to the patients and risks to other people who might come in contact with xenotransplant patients. Well, what are the risks a person might ask? To put in simple terms, animals may be infected with micro-organisms such as different bacterial or viruses which are infectious agents that exist in the environment where they live. In some cases, these micro-organisms are species specific-meaning they will only infect one kind of animal. For example, pigs suffer from a virus that infects their intestines, that when injected into humans, it did not infect them at all. There are however some other kinds of microorganisms that are not species specific. Some of them can infect animals and even cause diseases in humans too with the animal being only a carrier. These type of organism are called zoonoses. A good example of this type of infection is
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