Xerox And Xerox 's Strategy

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Xerox & Fuji Xerox are Leading Document Management & Processing Company selling Xerographic products and providing services like Managed Print Services, Business Processing System etc. Xerox was founded in 1906 in Rochester, New York and Fuji Xerox was formed as a Joint Venture between Xerox and Fuji Photo film in 1962. Xerox in partnership with Fuji Xerox is currently the market leader in providing Managed Print Service. The above image shows comparison between Xerox and other players in the Market. (Gartner, 2013).
Xerox as an organization is also known to have accomplished a lot of firsts in the world. They have been known for developing the technology of Xerography, WYSWYG text editor, Graphical User Interface which later on Apple
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Post World War II Japan’s economy was in shambles; there industrial production was down to 15% prewar times (Wikipedia, 2014). In order to come back to its full economic potential Japan had to make strict policies for trade. By 1950 Japan had already sprung back to its prewar trade level. But until 1960’s opening companies and doing business in Japan was still very restrictive for international companies. If a company wants to sell its products or do trade in Japan they will have to have to have a strategic alliance with a Japanese company to enter Japanese Market.
This presented a major dilemma for Rank Xerox when they wanted to enter Japan market. But riding on the wave of success, Rank Xerox was expanding tremendously as a company. Rank Xerox did an analysis and found that they will have to enter into a Joint Venture in order to started selling in Japan. At the same time, Fuji Film was making strides towards making document printing machine apart from the Photo Printing machines which they were already very successful with. Both Rank Xerox and Fuji Film were same size companies with their revenues standing and US$60 Million. Instead of doing an in house development of the Xerography they decided to get into a strategic alliance with Rank Xerox and opened Fuji Xerox with 50-50 share holding this helped them start selling Xerography products in Asia Pacific under a new brand name. This helped them resolve the
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