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Index Q1: What kind of person does John Clendenin? 1. Communication 1.2. Capability 1.3. Networking Q2: What were Clendenin business objectives and personal objectives been at Xerox? 2.1. Business objective: 2.1.1.MDC 2.1.2.XEROX 2.2. Personal objective: Q3: What obstacles did he confront in accomplishing these objectives? 3.1. PEOPLE RELATED 3.1.1 STAFF-Downward Management 3.1.2. PEERS-Horizontal Management 3.1.3. BOSS-Upward Management 3.2. ORGANIZAITON RELATED 3.2.1. MULTI-REPORTING LINE 3.2.2. BUSINESS RESTRUCTURE Q4: What interpersonal and organizational strategies did he utilize to accomplish these objectives? 4.1. Interpersonal Strategies 4.1.1. A Colleague to his Peers 4.1.2. A Boss to his Staff 4.1.3. A…show more content…
Later on, once he embarked on his career in Xerox, Clendenin’s initial plan is to spend 5 years to become a senior staff. While fortunately he is far ahead of this plan by being on the senior staff and reporting to a vice president after 12 years. Q3: What obstacles did he confront in accomplishing these objectives? Hindrances accompanied ambition and success throughout Clendenin’s career in Xerox. In general they can be grouped in people related and organization related according to their sources. 3.1. PEOPLE RELATED Clendenin had to face the challenges from his staff, peers and his boss. [pic] Exhibit 3-1.Clendenin’s Personal Obstacle Chart 3.1.1. STAFF-Downward Management When Clendenin is promoted to administrative manger for the parts and supply organization within USMG, his first challenge is how to deal with experienced staff such as Tom Gunning, a technical veteran with years experience in managing the field. Gunning’s seniority is a challenge to Clendenin’s authority. But his proficient knowledge is key to Clendenin’s plan for MDC. He spent a lot of times to make friends with Gunning and understand the background of the staff to get more closely and therefore to manage his relationship with Gunning. “Know the person before you manager the person.” 3.1.2. PEERS-Horizontal Management The second block Clendenin had to move is from his peers, other managers in the USMG. Their attitude towards

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