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Ad1. John Clendenin faced a number of different challenges, depending on the stage of his career.
First, as the administrative manager of parts and supply area. He started to be the leader of long-term experienced logistic guys with the usual confines action. Moreover, the Clendenin’s previous success cause that his team became reluctant to continue providing the information necessary to compliment his strategy. He had particular issue with Tom Gunner, who had been working with Xerox for 20 years. Clendenin had no authority and did not raise Gunner’s confidence because in Gunner’s eyes he had very little experience and knowledge.
Clendenin took an open and honest attitude for the obstacle above. He presented the awareness of the own
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He was concentrated on the customers as well. He taught the team that the customer satisfaction and providing the result to expect the customer is the key.

Yes I prefer to work with that kind of manager. He is heroic leader who is focusing on the goals. However he didn’t forget about people, his needs and the personal aims.
Advantages Disadvantages
Each member can develop own skills (It is impossible to remain on the same level – too high pressure) Demanding , all the time he expected the team member development
Each member has flexibility. Everyone can use own way to achieve the goals. It does not indicate the shelf solutions - particularly difficult for new employees
Everyone can improve own capability because they are solving different issues. Moreover, you can compare the results with your collages. Not clear are of responsibility across the team members .
(Waste of time)
He gave only positive feedback. This could motivate the team and emphasize the negative feedback Some people required negative feedback, they can misunderstand the massage.
He is powerful leader, he involves the people. He take care of company goals and people private life. He lives on the edge, broadens your mind which can cause his burning
He teaches people by his own example of engagement Some may use his work
He can manage the conflict Subordinates can assess that he changes his mind depending on the situation


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