Xerox and Scanners

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Scanners and Xerox This paper will identify the multiple business pressures on Xerox and describe some of the company’s response strategies. Also it will identify two roles of IT first as a contributor to the business technology pressures and secondly as a facilitator of Xerox’s critical responses activities.
Identify the multiple business pressures on Xerox and describe some of the company’s response strategies.
In the beginning Xerox with its introduction of the Xerox 914 automatic, plain paper copiers) Xerox was empire of the copying industry (Xerox, 2014). With all they had accomplished Xerox had a unique position in the industry. What they did was synonymous with what they performed. In any company to say “I am
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This action was followed by cutting cost everywhere necessary so that the company would begin to pay off debts and show profits. To start with they sold off some of the company’s assets like parts of the Fuji Xerox and outsourced to Flextone outsourcing was simpler and cheaper than doing it themselves(George, 2008). To address the SEC issues a settlement was made and reached. (George, 2008) Xerox also had to lay of many of its employees to help handle the huge debit they were in. The company purchased two firms one that handled the discovery process for litigation electronically and the other for mortgage documentation. A major purchase for Xerox was Affiliated Computer services (ACS). This acquisition of ACS was the beginning of its entry into the service industry (Datamonitor 2009). The ideas is that the company would be taking over document management from corporations, state governments, and law firms, typically using non-Xerox equipment ( Datamonitor 2009). ACS specializes in information technology services and has expertise in managing paper based work all of which would be a key asset to Xerox new direction of not just Copier Company but a service documentation company. Xerox capabilities would also be strengthen by the acquisition (Datamonitor 2009).

The IT industry in the 2000s may have

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